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Since the first gem was born, gem authors have had to toe the line between configurability and supportability. This post covers a facet of this conundrum - when and how to extract certain functionality from an app into a gem and how to support low level configurability. For those interested in a higher level discussion of gem configuration patterns, Brandon Hilkert does a good job covering this landscape in his blog post Ruby Gem Configuration Patterns.

So, what does "low level" configurability...

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Recently, we've been working on migrating email from our 'Classic' codebase into our 'NextJenn' architecture. If you've ever worked with ActionMailer emails, you know that this is a bigger task than it sounds.

One issue in particular has proven very tricky. Due in part to differing regulations in different geographic locations (I'm looking at you, Canada) and in part to the team level customization possible, there are dozens of different permutations for many of the several dozen emails that...

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